Friday, May 27, 2011

Still Strippin' and Stitchin'

With that title I feel a little like Eleanor Burns "Still Stripping After All These Years!" These scrap strips are such fun...think I'm addicted :) It's so nice to be able to start and stop without losing my place in a pattern. I have my little Featherweight on a small table in the living room so I can sew awhile and then rest on the sofa awhile.
I work on these triangles with the white centers that form stars once the block is sewn together. 

Then I make a few of these strip blocks.

 When I want to do something different, I work on the Grandmother's Flower Garden hexagons.

Or I cut 2 1/2 " squares for the English paper piecing. 
This was a difficult week for many people in the midwest.  Tuesday was Oklahoma's turn for the severe storms and tornadoes that have been so destructive this spring.  We are so thankful for the skilled meteorologists who warned us for several days that Tuesday would be a very dangerous weather day.  The media was conscientious in broadcasting warnings from Sunday through Tuesday morning to be alert and aware.  The prediction was for storms to begin to develop early afternoon and, exactly on cue, storms fired up in western Oklahoma and moved into central Oklahoma mid-afternoon.  Our meteorologist daughter, Maggie, and her husband were storm chasing and kept us updated.  Sweetheart left work early to come on home...many businesses, medical facilities and even state offices closed early fearing that storms would come into metro Oklahoma City at rush hour.  A tornado passed just north and west of us but we had no damage. Two tornadoes just missed Maggie's about 2 miles north and another about 2 miles southeast...both did tremendous damage.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the ten people who died and all of those who lost property and precious possessions.  Our hearts go out to all those across so many states who have been affected by the tornadoes and floods. 

Wishing everyone a nice Memorial Day weekend.  Hope your holiday includes some stitching time!



The Other Barb said...

It's nice that you can sew & rest at the same time. Happy stripping/stitching .

Glad your family are all safe.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Praise God you and your family were kept safe through all those tornadoes. Prayers for those who did not fair so well.

I love your projects. I had to smile at the "Still Stripping' and Stitchin" cute. :)

I hope you are feeling better. I love the idea that you can craft a little and then rest.

Blessings to you and yours always. :)