Monday, November 30, 2009

Where Has the Time Gone?

I can't believe my last post was in the summer and now it's almost Christmas!! So much has happened along my red dirt road that the time has really flown.

Part of the summer was spent healing from pulled muscles in my chest which mimicked symptoms of heart pain. Since I'd just had my yearly check-up and knew all was well, it was a little frightening. There's still a little discomfort but every day is better.

As I have mentioned before, I retired from teaching high school in 2007. I enjoyed being at home, sewing a lot and generally doing "my thing." But God had other plans for me. In September I went back to work...this time as a church secretary at a local church in our denomination. I really didn't want to to back to work, certainly not full time, but this position was laid on my heart and I felt just as I did about teaching...that this is to be my ministry. The church is at a crossroads, without full-time staff and going through a transitional period to prepare for calling a pastor and other staff. The transitional pastor is a wonderful man and the church members have been so welcoming and good to me. I've made a number of new friends and had some opportunities to see the needs of the community as the church acts as the food pantry and utility help for our small town. It's a blessing to me and I'll be there as long as God wants me there.

Needless to say, my sewing has slowed down a bit and most of what I'm doing right now is for gifts so I can't really show pictures. I've missed blogging but one thing nice about my job is that during the quiet times, I'm free to go online and keep up with my blogging friends.

Now that I'm back, I'll try to be more faithful keeping up with my blog. So for now, happy stitching,