Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Happy Mother's Day

What a beautiful sunshiny day to celebrate Mother's Day.  I hope all of you had a nice day!  Our older daughter called from North Carolina and our younger daughter and her husband came after church to visit.  My sweetheart grilled steaks for all of us and we had a lovely time.  Sweet gifts and tender cards made my day.  I LOVE my girls so much...they are amazing young women and I am so proud of them :) 

My sewing machine is sitting ready and my scrap strips are just begging to be sewn.  I'm not up to following a quilt pattern or doing much rotary cutting so I think I'll be working on sewing scraps strips for my spiderweb and string block's easy and doesn't require a lot of thinking and matching.  I think I have definitely had "brain fog" for awhile...I love to read but had a difficult time concentrating.  Seems that is another side effect of treatment.  It is certainly getting better and I'm back to reading a lot. 

I am doing some crocheting.  Before Christmas I made a granny square doggy sweater from a pattern I found here.  Our Boston Terrier granddog, Virginia, loved the sweater! 

So I'm making her sweaters for fall.  Here's what I'm working on now. 

Do you recognize the colors?   The burgundy and gold are the colors of Gryffindor House and the green and gray are Slytherin colors...both from the Harry Potter stories. :)  Virgina loves Harry Potter :) 

I also started a ripple afghan, a pattern I've always enjoyed.  It's in hunter green, sage green and soft yellow.  It will take quite a while to finish but it's mostly about the crocheting...keeps my hands busy. 

This week I got some good news at my doctor visit.  All my blood count levels are now normal.  I was concerned that recovery was so slow but my doctor assured me that I'm actually recovering very well.  I don't go back for 3 months which is great!  Hopefully then I will find out if I am in complete remission which is what we are praying for.  Whatever happens, I have been blessed beyond measure! 



Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! Oh, it sounds like you had a really lovely day.

Your granny square doggy sweater was just so cute, and your sweet Granddog is adorable! What a cutie.

Love the colors for your afghan. I love making ripple afghans, too. Can't wait to an update.

Praise God for the good news of about your blood count. I will keep you in my prayers. :)

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind words about my poem.

Blessings to you and yours always. :)

Anonymous said...

It's so great to see you blogging again. Welcome back!

Barbara said...

Wonderful news, Karen!!! Your puppy looks adorable in that sweater! Been away, but catching up now. Stay well.