Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tornado Alley

The skies turn dark, the clouds start to boil and we know it's tornado season in Oklahoma! It just usually doesn't happen in February but yesterday was quite a day! Our meteorologist daughter emailed early in the day and warned us to be aware...conditions were right for a major storm outbreak. She was certainly correct. My sweetheart works in west OKC and, at his company, they took shelter three different times as the sirens sounded and tornadoes roared very close to them. One touchdown was just north of his location. The real damage in the afternoon was in Edmond, north of OKC. At our house, there was wind, rain and hail. In the early evening, a tornado did tremendous damage at Lone Grove, south of us near Ardmore, and lives were lost. We pray for that community.

We've lived in Oklahoma all our lives and every spring and fall we know to watch the western skies. I can tell by the feel of the weather and the smell when storms can develop. Yesterday was one of those days!

I've been stitching Valentine gifts and will show them when I know the package has been delivered. Until then, I'm moving everything out of my sewing room and will be trading for a larger room after it's painted a sunny yellow gold...a happy creative color :)

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

I thought of you when hearing about this on the news. Your photo really brings back memories of the 1960s when we lived in Norman. We took shelter many times from our rickety married student pre-fabs to solid university buildings. We never saw a tornado, but they were out there every spring, and we saw some damage they had done. Thank goodness you are all OK!

Amber said...

Im glad you guys were ok! We live in Moore. I have lived here all my life, and lived through the May 3,1999 tornado. I dont take any storms lightly, especially knowing how easily a twister can drop. My husband is from Boston, and doesnt really understand the severity of tornados, and I hope he never has to! Its a weird feeling when you step outside and smell and feel the storms. I hope that early tornadoes arent a sign of a rough spring/summer with storms.

Penny said...

Glad you are okay. It is so odd that, these days, I can watch live news reports in Oklahoma back here in Virginia. We sure watched the storms, closely. It is a little early in the year and I feel bad for the people who were harmed, but I can't help but miss the spring storms. Can't wait to get back home.

The Other Barb said...

Thought of you right away today when I saw the news abt the tornado. Since I only know that you live in Ok and I know it's a big state, I was praying that you were ok.
Awesome picture of the storm clouds!

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

So glad you are safe, I have a terrible phobia of tornadoes and the thought of living in the heart of tornado alley makes my heart race!!!