Friday, February 27, 2009

Sunlight and Shadows

Sometimes quilt block names say so much. This week has been filled with sunlight and shadows and will each year for the rest of my life. Tuesday was my birthday and I had a lovely day with precious birthday wishes from family and friends. I love being part of the post-WWII baby boom (which my students always thought was just hysterical!) Here’s a picture from February, 1947. This is me with my mother :)
Two years ago, I spent my birthday at my mother’s bedside expecting any moment she would slip away from us and into the presence of our Savior. She had suffered a series of strokes and seizures and was no longer conscious. Today marks two years since my precious mother went to be with Jesus. I thank her for giving me life and loving me so much. Mother was 82 years old and she and Daddy had been married 64 ½ years.

Mother 1924 - 2007

Mother, I love you and I miss you.

Hope you have a blessed day.


The Other Barb said...

what a beautiful tribute to your Mother.
A funny thing happend on my youngest daughter's birthday beginning of this month. She had a baby in Dec. On her birthday, she called me and said" thanks for birthing me 22yrs ago. After giving birth to Jax , birthdays take on a whole new meaning" Always nice to hear you are appreciated :)
have a great day!
p.s. Happy belated Birthday to you.

Linda said...

Happy belated birthday Karen, what a bittersweet way to celebrate, but such beautiful words of love for your mother.

Lindah said...

Thank you for sharing those loving remembrances and photos of your Mother, Karen. How sweet to have happy memories and hope for the future!
Sending birthday wishes.

Francy said...

Happy be lated birthday.

Your mum is beautiful.

The Jen said...

Your mother is just beautiful.

Lynn said...

Karen, thank you for sharing this story about your Mother. I am sure she was such a wonderful wife and mother and a wonderful person.