Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thawing and Stitching

We are in the low 40s now so there's some thawing going on and we do appreciate that sunshine. Our hearts go out to those north and east in the country who got this storm and lost power and had even more ice and snow than we did. It's hard to see the trees breaking with the ice and people suffering with the cold and difficult travel. I hope the sunshine and warmer temps will spread north and east as well.

I finished two of the BOMs I had planned. The Christmas Wish stitchery was fun to do and I'm pleased with it.

This is such a pretty pattern. You can find it by clicking on the button on the right.

The Country Calendar BOM was a little more difficult for me since I decided to do it by applique instead of embroidery. I have put off learning to applique for many years so I thought it was time to learn. This is my attempt...actually it's the third attempt since I redid the snowman part of the block three times!! The first two attempts were pretty wonky and I wanted to do it right. This one isn't perfect but I'm content with it. I did something different with the's a little busy but it makes me happy so I'll go with it. That's preprinted patchwork fabric on the borders.

Last summer I bought some quilt block kits on sale at Hancock's Fabrics and some of them are appliqued blocks with simple shapes. I think I'll be practicing my applique skills by making's going to take some practice :)

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Wishing you blessings today. Karen


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh Karen, both of your projects turned out so pretty, but I especially like the snowman block! I think its wonderful!

Hope you're staying warm.

Anonymous said...

I think the busier snowman borders are a perfect complement to the simpler appliqued snowman. Very, cute!

Sandy said...

I agree with Barbara about the borders...think I will keep that in mind when I pick the fabric for mine!