Thursday, September 25, 2008

Autumn Arrives!!!

There's a definite change in the air, nights are cool, and the warm days seem different! It's fall and it's my very favorite season!! I love the colors, the smells, the events and the feeling that the work of summer is over and it's time to gather in and ready our homes and hearts to snuggle in for the winter.

We've already celebrated our younger daughter's September birthday and will celebrate our older daughter's birthday in November. What perfect planning that God blessed us with both of our babies in the fall :)

My sweetheart and I went to the Oklahoma State Fair. We love walking around and looking especially at the exhibit halls with all the quilts and other needlework. Last weekend was our rural electric coop's annual meeting and dinner. We enjoy going and seeing family as well as listening to a gospel singing group. There's always a booth from a local church featuring handwork the church ladies sell to help their mission fund. I found a sweet set of kitchen towels decorated with cows...I collect cows for my kitchen. They were decorated with fabric paint but I had to feel to tell it wasn't stitchery. When I started to pay, the lady who made them showed me the blue ribbon she had won at her county fair for the beautiful job she did on these towels. She gave me the ribbon!!! I think these towels will have to be decorative and everytime I look at them I will think of that sweet lady.

Our home is beginning to look like fall as well.

My sewing room is stacked with Halloween and fall projects. Since these are surprises I'll have to show you through October once they have reached their new homes. I'm also working on more blazers. The ones I made earlier made "older daughter" very happy and that just makes my day :)

My next quilt project will be a baby quilt. Our niece and her husband are expecting their first child, a baby girl, in December. The mother-to-be has chosen yellow, green, light brown and maybe soft rose. I found this combination that I think would look good and match the color choices. I HAD to use the rose color since it fit a baby girl so well. I'm still considering the deep rose and darker print..I think they will be the "pop" but I don't want them to be too strong. What do you think?
The stripe will be the binding.

I plan to use this pattern called Flower Patch from Fall 2008 Easy Quilts magazine.

I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions on the fabric combination. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


Jeanne said...

I think your fabric choices are great and will make a wonderful baby quilt. Love the cow towels.

Linda said...

Those cow towels are adorable, and I agree, far too pretty to actually use. Love the fabrics you've chosen for the baby quilt, and such a terrific pattern.

Amber said...

My 2 daughters were born in September and November as well!I love the cow towels! Too cute! I hope you enjoyed the fair, we went and walked around one day, but that was it! I love the fabrics you are going to make the quilt out of!