Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Doing a Happy Dance :)

I was beginning to feel like the perfect poster child for "Technology for Dummies." For several months I had struggled to stay on the internet and opening my favorite quilting blogs, staying on long enough to read and then commenting was a nerve-wracking experience. My Sweetheart updated my computer, did some cleaning out and clearing and I organized and updated my change. I kept thinking maybe it was Blogger (many wasn't.) Many days I'd start to blog and then give up in exhaustion. Yesterday morning I just couldn't connect at all so I called our phone company and they tried a number of things to fix the problem from their end. They finally decided to send a technician who came within two hours and pronounced it was their equipment...the modem had died!!! Of course, it was out of warranty but we didn't care. A new modem was installed and I can get on the internet, open blogs immediately, comment and even post without restarting the connection every couple of minutes!!!
I'm so relieved it wasn't me doing something wrong...and so grateful for the quick service from Windstream. Hopefully I'm back in business and can read, comment and blog more frequently without the aggravation! I'm doing a happy dance today :)

Hope your day is full of happy dancing,

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