Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Glorious Fall

Days pass quickly with so much to do. I've had some trouble with blogger making it difficult to post, read blogs and comment. I'm considering moving back to LiveJournal where I have kept an account. To my blogging friends, please know I'm reading your blogs but commenting isn't working.
The more I work with it, the more frustrated I am and that interferes with the joy of blogging. I'm also in the process of prioritizing and simplifying...making sure I concentrate on what is most important in life and allowing myself to be creative without obligation or comparison. What I love most about blogging are the lovely friends I've made and the enjoyment of their creativity and shared love of family and crafting.

Our cold front came through with gusty north winds and it's sunny and gorgeous today...the air is crisp and golden. There may be frost on the pumpkins tomorrow night! Now if we could have a few rainy gray days, life would be perfect.

I had a great time at Stamp Camp last night. We didn't make Halloween cards so I'll just make some on my own. But the cards were very pretty and I'll enjoy sending them. Here are mine.

We also tried a paper coloring technique using foamy shaving cream and two colors of blue ink. The result is paper that resembles a storm sky or a stormy sea. Every piece is different. It's messy but amazing...and lots of fun.

More sewing today while a pot of chili simmers for supper. Looking forward to a good supper and settling down with my sweetheart to watch another episode of FRINGE. Our daughter recommended the series and gifted the dvds and we watched the first episode...we're hooked!!!


The Other Barb said...

Always enjoy reading your blog posts. Your stamped cards are nice. I've been making some Halloween cards with a friend. Fun~

rosie said...

Hi Karen, was just thinking about you and wondering how you were..
I love those cards you made, I really need to do some too as my supply is getting low..
Hope you are having a wonderful week..xxxxxx

Barbara said...

Great cards, Karen, love that you do Halloween things. If I did stamping, I might be able to get into the many images for Halloween. I love the name "stamp camp"! I remember those gusty winds in central OK, was never so cold in all my life even though I've lived in NJ all my life. I guess it's getting chilly everywhere, favorite time of year here! Be well.