Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ready for Fall!

Labor Day is past and I'm so ready for fall.  We got a little taste of it this weekend when temperatures fell into the 60s at night and 80s for the day...goodness, I had to put on a sweater...quite a contrast from 106!!  We are still praying for rain and for our friends and family in Texas where wildfires are taking lives and homes. 

I finished the first baby quilt. This quilt is meant to be a play quilt...to put in the playpen or on the floor so I made it with higher loft batting and tied it.  My friend, Barbara of Pinelands Treasures, had blogged about her tied quilts and was so generous to explain the process to me.  I was reminded of how my babies used to love to take those tiny fingers and feel of textures so I thought the little ties might appeal.  I really enjoyed tying the quilt especially since this is a very traditional way of finishing a quilt.  I will definitely using tying again. 

I'm still working on the little soft green, yellow and white baby afghan in a shell pattern.  

Hope you had a nice holiday weekend and will have a great week.  Blessings to you and yours.



Barbara said...

Beautiful little quilt, Karen, and so colorful with primary colors that a little one will love. Thank you for mentioning my input about tying a quilt, but honestly, you are the one who did all that tying! Doesn't it sometimes seem like you will never be done with them? LOL I'm so glad you enjoyed putting it together that way. Did I mention that in the end I always put one drop of "Fray Check" on the knot of each tie? It helps keep the ties from coming undone, even after repeated washings.

Barbara said...

PS: I love the colors (so soft) of your afghan. :) I have no clue how to do anything but the most basic of stitches, so that's where I stop -- have lots of dishcloths! :))))

The Other Barb said...

Once in awhile I tie a quilt too. the Winnie the Pooh print is cute.

I can almost feel the softness of the afghan.

rosie said...

I just love your beautiful little quilt.. The little afghan is gorgeous.. So much excitement in the waiting....