Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scrapping Fun

This week has been filled with medical appointments. For a person who seldom went to the doctor, this is definitely a new way of life. But things are going well and I'm so grateful for wonderful medical professionals who treat me with such kindness and skill. Family and friends who continue to keep me in their prayers are such blessings!

With all this coming and going, I needed to work on something that would allow a lot of stopping and starting. What better than scrap quilting. As the grandchild of pioneers (my quilting grandma came to Indian Territory in a covered wagon), I grew up thinking all quilts were made of scrap fabrics saved from family sewing and feedsacks. This is one of my favorite scrap quilts made by my grandma.
My scrap project right now is a string quilt. I found the instructions here. Sewing these squares is addictive and I keep thinking "I'll do just one more." I stopped to realize I learned to sew in early junior high so that means I've been sewing for half a century (oh, my!!!) and I have saved fabric scraps for much of that time. I don't have scraps from newer fabric lines...mine are REALLY SCRAPS...which makes the blocks very ecletic :) I'm using some of the "less pretty" scraps I have too. Here's some of what I have accomplished.

I think I'll also start some Spiderweb blocks with scraps as well like the ones shown here. One added benefit is that I'm getting all my scraps organized :)

Hope your day is filled with happy stitching.


The Other Barb said...

keeping you in my prayers.
String quilt blocks are addicting for sure! My string quilt blocks will be like a memory quilt when I'm done. Made with scraps from projects I've done.

Anonymous said...

I've heard string blocks are addicting, as The Other Barb has said -- think I heard it from her!
Love the old-fashioned look of your Grandma's quilt, and your blocks are so colorful. Feel well!

rosie said...

I absolutely love this post Karen, I love the stories about the pioneers. You have such a connection there. I was thinking about your energy levels and sewing, I wonder if you have a good friend close by who could cut some strips for you, all ready to sew..So glad that your blood count is good. I hope everything continues in the same vein now..