Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

No matter how well we make plans, life has a way of changing things. I thought November would be a quiet month of holiday preparation and lots of stitching. We had our wonderful trip early in the month and then started our tree planting and yard projects before winter weather. sweetheart got very sick and went the hospital for the first time in his life. This is a man who is very healthy and has gone years without taking a sick day. He spent a week in the hospital but he recovered well and the doctors have no idea what caused the problem and think it probably won't happen again. We are watching his diet and I'm making sure he rests but that hasn't kept him from planting trees and putting up Christmas lights.

It was truly a Thanksgiving for us since my sweetheart was feeling better. We are thankful for the blessings of health and the love and concern of loved ones.

Since then I've been racing to finish Christmas gifts I planned. I did some sewing, crocheting, and other needlework. Projects are completed and wrapped with some ready for mailing. In the midst of all, our great niece was born...mother and baby doing fine. So, the baby quilt I'd planned needed to be finished. Here it is ready for quilting.

I have the squares quilted and I'm ready to quilt the border strips and add the binding. I'm pleased with the way the colors came together and the baby's grandmother assures me the colors will go perfectly in the new nursery.

Today there's Christmas fabric in the washer...I'm hoping to get a little Christmas stitching done for our home...and probably to share as well.

Is anyone else making quilting "to-do" lists for the new year? There are so many ideas in my head and projects in my shelves. I need a plan!! And I must plan time to blog regularly, read blogs and COMMENT...I'll admit I read much and comment little. I know how much comments mean to me and I'm sure others feel the same. One of my resolutions for the new quilting year is to let others know how their blogs touch, inspire and delight.

Have a wonderful day and come back soon!

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Amber said...

Hello fellow Okie! Its sure turned cold, but I reckon thats December for ya! I love the quilt you made for your great neice! Im sure its a treasure she'll keep for many years to come =) Im the same way about reading, and not commenting, or planning on commenting later if I have to tend to the kids and then i forget! Happy Holidays!