Monday, August 18, 2008

It’s almost the end of August and I can’t believe I haven’t posted for a month. The time flies by and I’ve been happily keeping my sewing machine humming. My oldest daughter asked for a blazer from a pattern I made for her in college. I still had the pattern and it still fits perfectly so I’ve been sewing blazers. It’s fun to sew clothes again.

I’m also working on some gifts so I can only show peeks.
We took time yesterday to drive to Norman and visit the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. My sweetheart wanted to see the “Super Croc” exhibit. It’s a beautiful museum and I will never look at those SciFi channel crocodile movies after seeing this monster!!! It’s cool and rainy today and should be the same for most of the week. August has been a surprising month….July was superhot, but this feels more like October. Certainly makes me anxious for fall.

I’ve been keeping up with many of your blogs and the summer seems to have been a busy time for many of you with beautiful projects galore! It’s so nice to visit blogs and see the choices of fabrics and patterns. It’s both restful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

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Linda said...

We've missed you at guild, glad to see you're keeping busy. Did you get the email about the quilt show?