Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting Back to My Sewing Room

The wedding day finally arrived and the ceremony was beautiful! There were many smiles and tears as our youngest married the love of her life. Our oldest daughter was the matron of honor and her husband (our dear son-in-law) was an usher and my escort during the ceremony. It was exactly as Maggie had dreamed and the reception was a time of celebration. We love our new son-in-law and his family. We are waiting on pictures of the wedding but here is Maggie's bridal portrait.
It was wonderful to share the day with family and friends. We will cherish the memories of the day forever!

I've spent the week getting the house back to normal and readying my sewing room for happy hours of cutting and sewing. I thought I'd show you where all this fabric fun will take place. This is the wall above my sewing machine. I like keeping everything in view so I can reach up and grab what I need.
From my chair, I can sew, cut, press and reach piles of fabric. To the left is a shelf with bins for all kinds of necessities.
Here's my little sewing buddy "Bessie." She watches over my fabric stash and makes me smile!
Long before we moved to the country, two dear friends made this for me to decorate my sewing room. Bessie thinks it is most appropriate for her!

That's all for today. I'll be sharing more of my sewing collection as well as projects in progress in the days to come.
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great day and come back again!


Linda said...

What a beautiful bride..... always a day filled with both tears and joy.

Danetta said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your daughter is a beautiful bride! The quilt in your header is just what I am hoping mine will look like when I am finished.

Catherine said...

I absolutely love Bessie and her barn! What a great beginning to a story. :-) Your quilt room looks wonderful to me!

Jen said...

That is the quilting room I want! Only 20 more years to go until everyone is out of the house and hubbie and I can confiscate rooms for an office and a sewing room. :o)

Thanks for entering my giveaway also. Please pass on the word as I'm going to have a different giveaway every week - something for everyone. Check back on Friday to see who the winner is.