Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Busy, Busy!!

Time has flown since I last posted. I intend to post more often but seem to get wrapped up in projects and the day is over before I realize. Wedding plans for Maggie (our younger daughter)and her sweetheart are in full swing. All the preparations are complete but now we are tying up loose ends and organizing everything for the big day in early July. Until then, I'm sure my time will mostly be spent on wedding activities with a little time for planning post-wedding projects.

Early in May I enjoyed visiting the local quilt guild with Linda. It was our first time to meet and she is every bit as nice in person as she is on her blog. And her applique is even more stunning than the pictures! Thank you, Linda, for introducing me to the guild. The speaker talked to us about depression era quilts and had some beautiful quilts to show. I love those scrappy bright colors! It's a nice group of quilters and I joined hoping for quilting fellowship and the opportunity to learn.

At the meeting I picked up a nice quilt pattern from Eleanor Burns.
I found some fabrics in my stash that I had been wanting to use and they will work in this quilt. I added a couple of accents that I MIGHT use but I'm still experimenting with colors. I see quilts that I love because of the combinations of fabrics but am not very confident in some of my own choices. My family tells me to use what I love and enjoy it! These are the fabrics I want to use.

I really love the floral in the middle and the two fabrics on the bottom coordinate with it. The one on the bottom right is more the soft green of the floral than the grayish tone in the photo. The top fabrics pick up colors in the floral. I think they are so pretty together...I'll have to see how they look in the quilt block.
I'm off to call the florist. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


Linda said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the meeting and it was such a joy to finally meet you. I love the floral fabric you've chosen, probably because I've used it in one of my quilts, so I can say you have good taste *s* All the fabrics blend together beautifully.

Amelia said...

Love the fabric selection.

Good luck on the wedding plans and all the last minute details.